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Zoe Clark
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About us

My name is Zoe Clark, the founder and main photographer of Zoe Zen Photography since 2007 and became Zoe Zen Photography, LLC in 2012. Due to my company name, many people confuse that my last name is “Zen”. The reason I initially chose “Zen” instead of my last name was due to the feeling and emotions photography brought me. Zen is defined many ways but the overall meaning is the concept of reaching complete focus and peace. This is what photography gifted me. Photography brought me so much joy and fun, it was my little area of peace. It caught my attention so much that I was able to become very focused and start the company I have today. I want to spread that same joy and fun experience to my clients. Photography is more than just about the photos, it’s about the experience, memories, fun, and happiness that went into creating them. These are the feelings I want everyone to feel when they are able to see their photos. I am proud and honored to state that I have photographed over 500 couples and families over the past 11 years. I truly appreciate all those who have supported me along my way and look forward to building many new relationships with all the wonderful people I meet in the future.

Zoe of Zoe Zen Photography

Zoe Clark

Primary Photographer

I am originally from Hong Kong so I love anything from there, especially my milk tea! I am a HUGE music lover so it’s not uncommon to see me with the music turned up and dancing around. And what better combination of music and dancing is there than Zumba! I hope to continue my work and capture moments for people all across the globe.

Chris of Zoe Zen Photography

Chris Clark

Secondary Photographer/Assistant

The second photographer and the behind the scenes assistant in Zoe Zen Photography since 2012. His main roles are correspondence, schedule sessions and consultations, and update our website and blog. He is also my husband and he is a super kind and caring person that is always there for me and my girls. He keeps the girls very active and is always teaching them new things.



Mini Artist & Creator

Katie is 10 years old and a fifth grader. She is a lovely, delightful, compassionate and cheerful girl. Sometimes she laughs out too loud in public that I have to tone her down a bit 😉 Art, crafts, swimming, reading books and watching TV shows are her favorite activities. She loves to experiment. Often times, she will create something out of elements that she finds around the house which always inspires me.



The Acrobatic Horse Lover

Nikki is 7 years old and a second grader. She is a sweet, caring, smart and passionate girl. She is also very competitive which makes her so unique! She loves to flip and tumble, play with her stuffed animals, play baseball, read books, and watch TV shows. Her favorite animals are horses and she could tell you almost everything about them.



Happy Corgi

Last but not least, meet our furry ball of energy, Momo! She is our 5 year old (2013) Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is SUPER energetic. Chris got Momo when she was 2 months old from a local pet store. She loves to play and can play fetch forever. She loves her ball and her orange, gummy chew ring.

Love Hong Kong Milk Tea

Milk Tea Love <3

Best in Hong Kong :P

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